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At Affordable Dental Solutions - Reading, Reading, PA, our primary goal is to preserve your tooth. But occasionally, the only solution is a tooth extraction.

When this is the case, our Reading, PA dentists will explain all your options, including why a tooth extraction is the best option. At Affordable Dental Solutions - Reading, Reading, PA we focus on your comfort. Whether you are having a wisdom tooth removed, or having any other tooth extraction procedure, our experienced and empathetic dental professionals have your comfort at the top of their list.

When is Tooth Extraction Necessary:

  • A tooth is so badly decayed or damage that a filling or crown would not be enough to restore it.
  • There is overcrowding in the mouth, making it impossible for an orthodontic treatment to do its job.
  • We need to make room in your mouth for dentures.
  • Gum disease or other problems have compromised the bone that supports a tooth.
  • Your wisdom teeth are endangering your oral health.

Within a week of your tooth extraction you will feel much better and be able to resume your daily routine. However, your mouth will still be healing and you should be cautious of the area.

Tooth Extraction FAQ:

What can I eat after a tooth extraction?

Within the first 24 hours, we recommend you only eat soft foods or liquids such as pudding or apple sauce.

How long does the pain last after a tooth extraction?

Patients typically feel some pain once the anesthesia wears off and may experience some bleeding or swelling for 24 hours post extraction.

How long does a tooth extraction take?

One tooth extraction should take approximately 20 to 40 minutes. If you are having multiple teeth extracted, the process could take longer.

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